How to Buy a Safe for Your Home Guns

Gun ownership is the right of nearly every American citizen, but that comes with a big responsibility. One of those responsibilities is to make sure that when you are not using your Chiappa Rhino that the guns are locked away safe from unauthorized fingers. How to buy a home safe for your guns is perhaps the question to ask in making sure your guns are secured.

Children are particularly curious about guns. They look cool. Good guys and bad guys use them on TV. And as a parent, your children look up to you, so if you use guns, it is alright for them as well.

This is great. However, when you are not around, kids might decide to play good guys vs bad guys with real guns and real bullets. That can be disastrous.

How do you buy a safe for your home that will keep your guns from being misused? You need a safe, if your home is broken into, to make sure that your weapons are not stolen and used in some other crime.

There are a number of gun safes designed for home use. If you are looking for a safe for a pistol, look for one that will either have a fingerprint combination ( most safes will hold more than one person’s fingerprints so more than one person can open the safe) or numbers. The thing about having a pistol is that it does you no good if it is locked away when you need it and you cannot get into the safe. Pistol safe are designed to keep close at hand while providing the safety features of having the gun out of harm’s way. The things about a combination based on numbers is that there are many very clever children who will play with the combination until it opens. Fingerprints combinations are much safer for these smaller safes.

For long guns, rifles and shotguns, a small pistol type safe will not work. You need a safe that will accommodate the length of the gun. The number of different guns that you will be storing within the safe determines the size of the safe.

I like the tall safe for a number of reasons. One you can keep all the guns in one place. Two you can also keep any valuables in the safe as well. There are places for emergency money, jewelry and important papers as well as the guns. They are heavy. No one will be able to pick up your safe and carry it off to their ‘place of business’ to take their time and open the safe.

The safes are also attractive if you have it in a home office situation. I prefer to have a safe of this type either in a closet with a false wall in front of it or disguised is some other way.

Anyway, if you have guns at home, consider how to buy a safe for your home to keep your loved ones and your guns secured. There is a nice choice of safes on the site below listed in the resource box. No matter what you do, do take the time to make sure your weapons are secured and out-of-the-way of the wrong hands.


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